Melissa Quigley

71 Elmview Road

Regina SK, S4R 0B4



  • University of Regina                                      2012-Present

Bachelor of Education

–          I am currently in my second year of the Elementary Education Program at the University of Regina.

  • Gymnastics Saskatchewan                         2010

–          Level one gymnastics coach.  I have training to coach preschool and recreational gymnastics.  I am trained in trampoline, active start and theory.

  • Family ChildCare Training                          2004

Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia

–          I have a certificate in family childcare that allows me to run a home daycare.

  • Duncan MacMillan High School                1999

Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia

–          Graduated from high school in 1999, with a few awards for academic achievement.


  • Regina Public School                                      2014-Present

Regina, Saskatchewan

–          April-June of 2014 I obtained a .5 contract with Regina Public School Board and worked as a TA at Judge Bryant in the Pre-k classroom.

–           I currently am on the sublist for EA’s and will work on Fridays when I am not in class.  I’ve worked at many different schools throughout the city.

–            During my TA and EA jobs I have done anything from changing children to teaching the full lessons teachers had planned if they needed to work one on one with students.

–             I’ve done supervisions and lots of one on one assisting or tutoring with the students.

  • Amazing Adventures                                     2009-2013

Regina, Saskatchewan

–          I coached my own gymnastics classes, birthday parties and school PE bookings.

–          Supervised the gym floor at times, making sure the classes were running smoothly.

–          Trained new coaches and coaching assistants.

  • Home Day Care                                                2006-2009

Regina, Saskatchewan

–          I ran a daycare from my home for these few years while my daughter was preschool aged.

–          This involved all aspects of caring for children, meal prep, outdoor activities, creating schedules for our days, crafts, stories, ect.

–          This involved a lot of prep time to try and make sure our days ran smoothly.

–          Create documents for my parents, permission forms, contracts regarding payments and sick child policies.

  • Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation              2001-2006

Sheet Harbour and Porters Lake, Nova Scotia

–          Cashier/Clerk duties.  All aspects of customer service.

–          Lock up the stores and deposit bank deposits.

–          Filling in time sheets.

  • Treaty Convenience                                      1995-2006

Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia

–          I started off here as a cashier while I was in high school and continued to work here after high school as assistant manager.

–          All aspects of customer service.

–          Scheduling and filling in spread sheets for sales purposes.

–          Filling in time sheets for employees.

–          Training new cashiers.

–          Acting manager while she was away on vacation or sick time.

Personal Attributes

–          Able to work individually or as part of a team.

–          I am interested in coaching sports.

–          Involved in a number of volunteer opportunities, (which you can check out on my E-portfolio, melissa2055) such as Global Partners International, Girl Guides of Canada, Regina Newcomers Club and a few others.

–          I have two children, coached children and ran a home daycare, so I am quite experienced.

–          A great multi-tasker and love scrapbooking and other crafts.

References are available upon request.


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