My Education Philosophies

I Believe…

I believe children are capable.

I believe I can be a positive influence in the lives of the children I teach.

I believe school should be a safe environment for children, and in some cases may be there only safe environment.

I believe I will be a teacher that is approachable and can be trusted by my students.

I believe if you think it is worth knowing then it is worth knowing.

I believe my classroom will be inviting and parents will feel welcome to come and see me and their children whenever they like.

I believe we never stop learning.

I believe in creativity.

I believe children should be allowed to look for questions that are of interest to them and as a teacher I am there to help them investigate to find the answers.

I believe that as a teacher in the Catholic school division that is my job to encourage as its students to discover and express their Christian identity and mission.


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