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Learning Project Update!!

Please excuse the audio.  This was done during our ECMP class and Carol Todd is talking in while I am knitting.  That will be my next blog…. amazing speaker.

I just wanted to add this video to show the progress I am making with my knitting.  Looking back at my Barbie blankets, the patterns really looked awful.  This is supposed to be a scarf, but I’ve changed my mind. It is quite long now as you can see.  I want to get yarn the same thickness and just keep making pieces like this and then use the darning needle my mom showed me how to use and put all of the pieces together.  This thing is really heavy and I think it would make an even better knitted blanket than a scarf.  So that is my newest idea!!

It will certainly not be finished by the end of this #ECMP355 class but I will keep blogging about my progress.  It takes a long time, my mom zips through patterns like she is moving in fast forward, though I am not there I am quite enjoying how relaxing it becomes once you get into a rhythm.  I am also getting a bit quicker.

I have not really had struggles through this process.  It was frustrating of course, just beginning to learn, but it has been ok.  One thing was that because of the time difference between here and Nova Scotia, my mom wasn’t always available to Skype.  It was also sometimes hard to see the way her hands were moving over the video chat.  This is where all of the YouTube videos came in handy.  There are so many tutorials online as well.  You can basically find a website that offers free knitting patterns like, Love and print off patterns and then go onto YouTube and find a tutorial to answer any of the questions you have.  I have not attempted any crazy patterns yet.  I will work on my blanket and when I finish that, I will blog about trying new patterns.

So far so good I think!!


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Simply Amazed, Period!

So I just blogged about some of the ways my daughter has been using technology to learn new skills and work on her amazing creativity.  As I have a boy and a girl, and they are brother and sister, they DO NOT share anything, so I thought I would respect that and give them their own blog posts 🙂

My brilliant son Jasper has been blowing my mind with his smarts for 15 years.  He went into grade nine this year and killed it.  Playing on the Thom football team (never having played football a day in his life) and being asked to play 3 positions, being one of 4 grade nines to make the junior basketball team, and surpassing all of my expectations with his grades (including AP math!!).  Okay now that I got that boasting out of my system, I will blog about the actual topic…

He has been saving money and recently had a birthday and was undecided what he wanted to do with his money.  He came to me a few weeks ago and asked me if he could build his own computer.  I said why not buy one?  But that’s not the same thing at all… Excuse me.

So using the internet to find out what parts he would need to buy, sorry I don’t know the names of them, he took to Amazon to start shopping.  He ordered all of the parts, spending ALL of his money +more 😐  When the parts showed up he used his iPhone to Facetime to meet with my brother on Nova Scotia to help instruct him on how to put it together.  If they ran into questions or problems they referred to old faithful YouTube.

This is what resulted from his hard work and savings…

He now has his own desktop computer that he knows how to put together, fix and (he claims) upgrade when needed.  Sorry I can’t tell you what the wires or parts do, but super proud anyway.  He has it hooked up to a big screen TV in the basement.  Oh and bless him, he didn’t have enough money for Windows, which apparently important in running your new computer.  SO unlike Cera’s project, which I could buy materials for at the dollar store, this one was not as cheap… But that’s what moms are for I guess.

Just amazed at what they can learn online and do with technology.


Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.05.31 PM.png

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OMG, A New Amazing Mom Hack!!

So I have been introduced to a new way of learning new skills.  Through my personal learning project I have had mostly success in finding answers to questions I have to completing different knitting projects.  There are exponential amounts of knitting tutorials and videos on Youtube.  There are almost as many FREE knitting patterns on Pinterest.  I haven’t yet managed to get to a place where I can follow a pattern.  I am still working on a scarf, that requires not help at the moment.  If you have looked at my learning project blogs, my main source for learning is Skyping with my mom.   However, there have been times when I am ready to do something and she is just not available to Skype at that time.  That is where the Youtube comes in handy.  I was ready to cast off and couldn’t remember how to do it, so I typed Youtube casting off into my google browser and this was the response: about 5,320,000 results (0.62 seconds).  Easy to find at least one that worked for me.

NOW to get to the most exciting part of learning online for me as a parent is that my kids have totally blown me away with some of the things they are learning to do online and it’s NOT COSTING ME ANYTHING (for lessons)!!

If you were following me on twitter you might have seen some of the cool art projects my daughter has been working on.  And if you are not, please do follow me 🙂 I have some of her pictures below…

First here is her melted crayon art that she found on Pinterest:

This kept her busy for such a long time and now it is a beautiful piece of art, proudly displayed on her bedroom wall!!  COST: art supplies from Dollarama!!  I put her in an art camp over the summer and it cost me $350.00 for one week of HALF days!!  Plus I had to drive her to the art studio.  And with online learning she did the project at her own speed and the time was not designated.

Because I’m a boasting momma, below are pictures of other projects she did by learning through Pinterest, or googling “crafts for teen girls”.  She’s not a teen, but pretty mature for her age.   Anyway she is making lipgloss using crayons and coconut oil (we had at home) and bedazzling a plain picture frame.

Next blog post will be my amazing 15 year old son’s mad computer building skills learned through technology!!!



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Time Consuming Scarf Creating!!

Just wanted to throw out a quick check in.  I have not been blogging much about my #ECMP355 learning project.  I am working on creating a scarf and running out of yarn.  There isn’t much to take photos or videos of right now.  I am running out of yarn and may have to be taught how to add another ball to my current project.

Spoiler Alert: That will be my next video chat with mom!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 7.05.31 AM.png

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Casting off…Purl fail :-(

So I forgot how to cast off, or bind off… Thankfully mom won’t available for a Skype call right now.  She might be mad that I forgot her last lesson!!! So I used the following video from YouTube (just to remind me).

This newest knitting technique mom taught me has been much harder.  I have added stitches and then tried to take them away to even it out.  She did tell me I would have to concentrate, but with being so busy and having the supermom ability to multi-task, I was sure it would be fine.

Well Cera’s Barbie has another blanket…


Unfortunately it is not an exemplary purl piece.  I can’t wait to Skype with mom.  I believe we will have laugh over this one.  I think I am going to have to retry this piece.  If you look at the close up below you can see how nicely my pattern starts and then how somehow it changes.  Apparently if you make one wrong stitch it completely changes the pattern.

Oh, well.  I am sure Barbie will stay warm and my daughter thinks it’s beautiful.  But I consider it a purl failure.  Anyway, I am not sure what the next lesson is supposed to be, so it will be a surprise!!

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Part One #SuccessfulKnitting :-)

Okay.  I am really going to look into #screencastify for my next knitting lesson with my mom.  I did google how to record Skype conversations, but it involves add ons.  Then I started looking at screencastify a bit closer, I thought you could just record your online screen, but it looks like you can choose an option that records your desktop.  I am thinking that this might be a much better quality video.  I will experiment with that soon. For now, this is the video that you get from someone who is just beginning to explore this type of technology.

My mom is teaching me ow to remove your knitting from the needles, how to sew in the ends of the yarn and how to purl stitch.  If anyone is interested, at the end of this blog I will post a YouTube video of how to purl, it is really hard to see from my phone recording my computer screen 😐

I am thinking I could double up on my learning project and also make it about learning about the ways to connect with technology.  Skype is great, but I’m having a hard time recording it.  We will see how far I come in the next blog.

OH and here is the first finished project.  You’re welcome, friend of Barbie!!



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Laugh Knitting, It Should Be A Thing!!

So, as part of my learning project for ECMP I’m going to try to take up knitting.  As you can see by the pictures on my first part of this blog, my mom is a master knitter.  I thought it would be fun to get her to teach me how to do this.  I am certainly not a techy person, I do however Skype a bit with family.  I live here in SK and my family lives in NS.  So I thought I would get my mom to teach me a bit over Skype.  It was hilarious.  I don’t know if you can record Skype conversations, so we may need to find a better way.  For this first video I used my phone and set it up to record my computer as I was Skyping.  There has to be a better way.  That will be one of my new goals for this learning project.  Maybe try to set up my own zoom conference with mom.  I know you can record those.

My phone died just after 5 minutes, but I think these first few minutes should give you an idea as to how the knitting went…

The end result after an hour and a half (part of which I had to take stitches off and restart) is this beautiful beginning of a barbie blanket for my daughter 🙂


For all of you knitters out there, I started with 30 stitches and now some how have 32?

Ah well.  That will be another task.  I will try to find a youtube video that explains how you add stitches when knitting.  I thought I was doing okay :-{




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