Learning Project Update!!

Please excuse the audio.  This was done during our ECMP class and Carol Todd is talking in while I am knitting.  That will be my next blog…. amazing speaker.

I just wanted to add this video to show the progress I am making with my knitting.  Looking back at my Barbie blankets, the patterns really looked awful.  This is supposed to be a scarf, but I’ve changed my mind. It is quite long now as you can see.  I want to get yarn the same thickness and just keep making pieces like this and then use the darning needle my mom showed me how to use and put all of the pieces together.  This thing is really heavy and I think it would make an even better knitted blanket than a scarf.  So that is my newest idea!!

It will certainly not be finished by the end of this #ECMP355 class but I will keep blogging about my progress.  It takes a long time, my mom zips through patterns like she is moving in fast forward, though I am not there I am quite enjoying how relaxing it becomes once you get into a rhythm.  I am also getting a bit quicker.

I have not really had struggles through this process.  It was frustrating of course, just beginning to learn, but it has been ok.  One thing was that because of the time difference between here and Nova Scotia, my mom wasn’t always available to Skype.  It was also sometimes hard to see the way her hands were moving over the video chat.  This is where all of the YouTube videos came in handy.  There are so many tutorials online as well.  You can basically find a website that offers free knitting patterns like, Love Knitting.com and print off patterns and then go onto YouTube and find a tutorial to answer any of the questions you have.  I have not attempted any crazy patterns yet.  I will work on my blanket and when I finish that, I will blog about trying new patterns.

So far so good I think!!


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