ECMP 355 Summary of Learning

For my summary of learning I was going to sing a song I wrote.  I tried a few times and each time I felt I sounded worse than the last.  So, I decided to use my new favourite power point creator Google Slides to create a presentation.  I used the words I wrote to go with the music to Hedley’s song “Anything”.  I wrote them on the top of the slides and then I found, or took pictures to go along with the words.  Next I found a Karaoke version of the song and played it to the corresponding slides.  I used screencastify to record my screen while I clicked through the slides, with the microphone on, using my phone to play the music.

I hope you enjoy some of the things I show that I learned during this class…

If you cannot hear the video please follow the link and watch directly from YouTube.

#ECMP355 #ECMP455

Hear is part 2 which is some audio I recorded after I realized that my artifact was not quite as long as it should have been and that audio or video was required.



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