MineCraft, I get it!!

My kids have both had their turn with addiction to MineCraft.  I didn’t get watch them play it, I didn’t get it.  Well I was trying this coding stuff that we are required to do in ECMP and the I spent maybe to much time trying very simple things.  My son came upstairs and told me that he could hear MineCraft music.  I was playing MineCraft in this learn to code website!!  I was cool again (for abut 15 minutes).

Below are some of my videos.  I tried creating a Scratch game and a minute or so of me playing MineCraft.  I seriously had no idea that that is what I was doing.

It took a long time to create this and an even longer time playing around before I tried to record my efforts through screencastify.  It was fun and I wanted to make it even better.  I could see how you could use this in a classroom to teach kids about coding and then use it to respond or reflect on readings for ELA or multimedia through arts ed.  You could create something to show the life cycle of plants for science, or a time line for S.S.  I’m very excited about teaching students in this way and about being comfortable with technology to be able to let them learn like this.  I think it will contribute to making lessons more engaging!!






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3 responses to “MineCraft, I get it!!

  1. Ah, the joys of Minecraft. But did you know that there is a Minecraft teaching platform called MinecraftEDU? As well as #Minecraftchat on twitter, focused on how teachers can use Minecraft in the classroom. It is an excellent way for kids to explore creativity and continue their learning.

    Back to coding, great connections are found throughout the curriculum. Ties to number lines, and integers in math, in addition to what you have stated are excellent ways to introduce coding in a cross-curricular manner.

  2. Haha. It was fun. I didn’t know about the MinecraftEDU, but I will be checking it out. It’s exciting to see how you can use this tech stuff throughout the curriculum!!
    Thanks for the comment.

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