Word It Out!!

It’s very exciting for me that I am getting more comfortable with integrating technology in all of my schooling.  For a presentation I just did I had the students write words they associated with our topic on an index card.  I used those words and created a word cloud.  Wordle tends to be the most used website for this.  I personally couldn’t get Wordle to generate the words for me.  So I copy and pasted the words onto Word It Out.  It worked perfectly.

I was just super proud of myself to offer to do the word cloud.  There is no way at the beginning of the school year I would have offered to do this part of the presentation (because of the tech aspect), but now I was excited to try something new.  I’ve seen the word clouds, but never created one myself.  Stuff like this really engages the students and this was a great way to show them what THEY created.  Below is our word cloud. The students were given the term intellectual Disabilities.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.21.18 PM.png

I was just excited that it turned out so well and I wanted to share!!



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2 responses to “Word It Out!!

  1. Melissa, I love this idea! Your word cloud turned out so well. Proud of you for becoming more comfortable with technology…as I am not quite there yet lol. I am definitely going to take not of this idea and use it in the future. Seems like a tool that I could potentially be comfortable incorporating!

  2. whitneyczerwonka9

    This is a great idea, sometimes students get bored with the regular brainstorming and by doing this way you incorporated technology very well. It’s a neat way to keep students engaged. Way to try something new and branch out of your comfort zone!

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