Simply Amazed, Period!

So I just blogged about some of the ways my daughter has been using technology to learn new skills and work on her amazing creativity.  As I have a boy and a girl, and they are brother and sister, they DO NOT share anything, so I thought I would respect that and give them their own blog posts 🙂

My brilliant son Jasper has been blowing my mind with his smarts for 15 years.  He went into grade nine this year and killed it.  Playing on the Thom football team (never having played football a day in his life) and being asked to play 3 positions, being one of 4 grade nines to make the junior basketball team, and surpassing all of my expectations with his grades (including AP math!!).  Okay now that I got that boasting out of my system, I will blog about the actual topic…

He has been saving money and recently had a birthday and was undecided what he wanted to do with his money.  He came to me a few weeks ago and asked me if he could build his own computer.  I said why not buy one?  But that’s not the same thing at all… Excuse me.

So using the internet to find out what parts he would need to buy, sorry I don’t know the names of them, he took to Amazon to start shopping.  He ordered all of the parts, spending ALL of his money +more 😐  When the parts showed up he used his iPhone to Facetime to meet with my brother on Nova Scotia to help instruct him on how to put it together.  If they ran into questions or problems they referred to old faithful YouTube.

This is what resulted from his hard work and savings…

He now has his own desktop computer that he knows how to put together, fix and (he claims) upgrade when needed.  Sorry I can’t tell you what the wires or parts do, but super proud anyway.  He has it hooked up to a big screen TV in the basement.  Oh and bless him, he didn’t have enough money for Windows, which apparently important in running your new computer.  SO unlike Cera’s project, which I could buy materials for at the dollar store, this one was not as cheap… But that’s what moms are for I guess.

Just amazed at what they can learn online and do with technology.


Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 1.05.31 PM.png


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  1. I have never heard of building your own computer! Like you, I would have said “why not just buy one?” But I think it is great that you gave him the opportunity to expand on his curiosity about computers. He gained so much knowledge by building it that he never would have gotten from just buying one. Thanks for sharing!

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