OMG, A New Amazing Mom Hack!!

So I have been introduced to a new way of learning new skills.  Through my personal learning project I have had mostly success in finding answers to questions I have to completing different knitting projects.  There are exponential amounts of knitting tutorials and videos on Youtube.  There are almost as many FREE knitting patterns on Pinterest.  I haven’t yet managed to get to a place where I can follow a pattern.  I am still working on a scarf, that requires not help at the moment.  If you have looked at my learning project blogs, my main source for learning is Skyping with my mom.   However, there have been times when I am ready to do something and she is just not available to Skype at that time.  That is where the Youtube comes in handy.  I was ready to cast off and couldn’t remember how to do it, so I typed Youtube casting off into my google browser and this was the response: about 5,320,000 results (0.62 seconds).  Easy to find at least one that worked for me.

NOW to get to the most exciting part of learning online for me as a parent is that my kids have totally blown me away with some of the things they are learning to do online and it’s NOT COSTING ME ANYTHING (for lessons)!!

If you were following me on twitter you might have seen some of the cool art projects my daughter has been working on.  And if you are not, please do follow me 🙂 I have some of her pictures below…

First here is her melted crayon art that she found on Pinterest:

This kept her busy for such a long time and now it is a beautiful piece of art, proudly displayed on her bedroom wall!!  COST: art supplies from Dollarama!!  I put her in an art camp over the summer and it cost me $350.00 for one week of HALF days!!  Plus I had to drive her to the art studio.  And with online learning she did the project at her own speed and the time was not designated.

Because I’m a boasting momma, below are pictures of other projects she did by learning through Pinterest, or googling “crafts for teen girls”.  She’s not a teen, but pretty mature for her age.   Anyway she is making lipgloss using crayons and coconut oil (we had at home) and bedazzling a plain picture frame.

Next blog post will be my amazing 15 year old son’s mad computer building skills learned through technology!!!




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4 responses to “OMG, A New Amazing Mom Hack!!

  1. When I was your daughters age I absolutely loved art projects. I sure wish Pinterest was around when I was younger! She has made some very neat projects – I absolutely love the melting crayons project she made! Great post! 🙂

  2. I LOVE hacks! I feel like it’s been a thing that’s blowing up on the internet and Youtube too! I always loved pinterest for ideas and hacks, but youtube has a bunch of great ones too! One channel I’ve been watching is Awestruck, they have DIY dollarstore hacks, or kid hacks, the list goes on! It’s interesting to actually watch the hacks rather than just see the steps on a blog or pinterest! I really love this, would you ever think about sharing your own hacks with the world on a youtube page or your blog?

    • What I meant for hack for this post was simply finding ways to have her learn how to create art projects without spending a fortune on art classes. This stuff is huge at our place right now.

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