We’re Here! Now What?

During ELIB last night we had a guest speaker come tot he class to talk about his book of “hilarious stories of newcomer misadventures”.  Ponziano Aluma is selling his book to raise funds to adopt his orphaned nephews from Uganda to live with him and his wife here in Canada.  If you check out the hyperlink above you will get to see more pictures of his nephews and learn a bit more about the book.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 6.39.56 AM.png

During his presentation he told us a story of one of his misadventures involving an embarrassing story of a misunderstanding involving slang.  His book is made up of these stories that show how newcomers to the country make mistakes upon the fact of not knowing our rules, culture and slang.  Instead of hiding these mishaps, Ponziano makes light of them in his book.  I think it would make an amazing addition to a classroom library.

In ECMP we looked at the process of of campaigning and social activism.  I threw out an idea of a campaign that could have something to due with raising awareness to students about the idea of inclusion and being kind, specifically in regards to the Syrian refugees that are going to be the newcomers in their classrooms.  This cook is a great way to show students about some of the mistakes that are made, that may be considered strange to them, but will also explain why.  We can use it to give these examples and then show the students ways to include the new kids and help them understand.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 6.45.21 AM.png

The process of campaigning was definitely more involved than what I had imagined, but I would love to try for a cause like this #bekindandinclusive .  There is a ton of pre-planning that I didn’t realize was involved, but these social justice issues need this kind of attention!!

Please check out the link at the beginning of this blog and connect with Ponziano.  He has been to a school in Regina already to speak and the kids loved him.  It would be a great experience to bring him, as the author, into your classroom or school when introducing the stories.  The book is only $10.00



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