Honourable Justice Sinclair

Just another amazing use of technology!!  I was sick on Wednesday and was unable to attend my first class of the day at the university.  I wasn’t worried about my ECMP class.  I could take meds, get into bed and still attend class from my laptop.  Then I get an email that asks us to attend a lecture in place of our class at the university.  I was not well enough to do that, but low and behold there is still away for me to watch the lecture live and stay in my P.J’s.

LIVE STREAM… Love it.  Not only was I using the live stream to watch the lecture, but I was using screencastify to record it and prove I was watching 🙂 Below is the honourable Justice Sinclair close to the beginning of his talk.

He has done amazing work for the rights of Aboriginal people in Canada, with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

The way he started the lecture, by asking for all survivors of the residential schools to stand and he gave recognition to them, was extremely moving.  He also showed a video which I can’t remember the name of now…  If anyone can tell me the name of the musician and the video, I would greatly appreciate it…

He also took questions at the end of the lecture for quite a long time.




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