Part One #SuccessfulKnitting :-)

Okay.  I am really going to look into #screencastify for my next knitting lesson with my mom.  I did google how to record Skype conversations, but it involves add ons.  Then I started looking at screencastify a bit closer, I thought you could just record your online screen, but it looks like you can choose an option that records your desktop.  I am thinking that this might be a much better quality video.  I will experiment with that soon. For now, this is the video that you get from someone who is just beginning to explore this type of technology.

My mom is teaching me ow to remove your knitting from the needles, how to sew in the ends of the yarn and how to purl stitch.  If anyone is interested, at the end of this blog I will post a YouTube video of how to purl, it is really hard to see from my phone recording my computer screen 😐

I am thinking I could double up on my learning project and also make it about learning about the ways to connect with technology.  Skype is great, but I’m having a hard time recording it.  We will see how far I come in the next blog.

OH and here is the first finished project.  You’re welcome, friend of Barbie!!




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