Binary Tattoo

I found this blog about binary tattoos. The term tattoo, in this sense, basically refers to what we call digital identity, it “is the permanent collection of data about us that is available online.  Each time we post a picture, a blog, a status or a tweet, we are adding to that digital identity.” []

This blog talks about the mission of this group, or company, Binary Tattoos, which is “to   help educate and empower people with the knowledge of how our online identity is first created and then developed so that they can choose how it evolves in the online world.  With an increased awareness in digital safety, we can all enjoy the benefits of online communities without falling prey to the risks.” Here is a video about Binary Tattoo from the founder Cat…

We had an interesting conversation last night about privacy online.   Basically when you read some of the blog posts, it looks like you can try to put privacy settings on your different site, but it looked like the underlining message was if you are not comfortable having it viewed by anyone, than you shouldn’t be adding it online.  Send pics in a private message, but don’t post for any member of the digital world to view.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.08.09 AM.png

This article about how the paper resume is on its way out is different.  It is definitely still a requirement for the few jobs I have applied for lately.  I do however now  regret not adding my professional blog and twitter address to the resume.  When I go to my interview I will mention this because I do think going into a classroom as a teacher today it is important to be able to show the people that are hiring you, and that you are working with, that you are capable and willing to incorporate technology in your lessons.  Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.11.54 AM.png

When I was browsing I also found this document, which is a government document for Saskatchewan school divisions and school administrators on digital citizenship.  Basically resources and ways to support student on learning appropriate online behaviour.  For a better understanding of digital citizenship check out this blog.  This should be taught well before allowing students to bring devices to school and definitely before they begin creating their own digital identities.  Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 8.02.21 AM.png


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