Race within A History of Education 1886.

Within this text, race is used to describe people from different countries and ALL aspects of their lives.  The generalizations and stereotypes within this text are very disturbing.  If this was a text meant to teach teachers it definitely would not fly in Canada today, I am sure.  If this is what teachers were required to read and, more importantly, believe they would be marginalizing all of these people from these different countries and backgrounds.  The text refers to the West quite often and in every case makes the beliefs and teaching styles or subjects seem superior to all others.  You would believe that this was the proper way to teach and anything else would not be the “norm”. The effects would be to change people to try to make them believe what the teachers believe and think of us in the West being better and more civilized than others countries.  Students would definitely not flourish under the instruction of teachers with these mindsets.


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